Glitter Printing

Glitter Print is a unique, clear digital print and cut material for full- color printing that adds the bold look of sparkly glitter. Glitters add on the garment with paste and fixed by heat on a specific area. This is a clear material with flakes of glitter built in. Glitter is excellent for small designs and detailed logos. Metallic flakes are suspended in the ink base to create this sparkle effect. Usually available in gold or silver but can be mixed to make most colors

Glitter printing (vinyl printing) is a unique recent developing print technique which adds up a glow to the fabric. It shows the glittery granules on the garment . It uses a special dense feature to the fabric to add up elegance in the required design printed. This technique is a type of transfer printing process.  We choose either colored glitter or normal glitter to the colored ink. The process is taken with the help of the paste used to spread the glitter onto the fabric to get the required design. Here the glitter powder can also be directly used at times. Firstly after the glitter process the heat press is made on the design for the design to sit on the fabric. Then curing is done with not much pressure so as to protect the glitter design from changing its shape.

It stays longer on the fabric as it takes time to complete and as the processes are slow. Through this printing technique many decorative and attractive t-shirts and other garments are made. This technique is used even in tote bags. It is a promotional wear. We generally say this because the logo can be made through this work and made to shimmer and glow.

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