1. Disinfect the workplace

  • “The number one thing is keeping people safe when they’re at their Offices or Workplace, and that really has to be priority No. 1.
    Make hand sanitizer and handwashing facilities readily available, as this is easy way to keep the infection of Virus to control and spread. Increase the frequency at which they clean common areas and surfaces.

2. Only Namaste with Close hand (No Shake hand)

  • Since we all Indians have culture to do “NAMASTE” to greet anyone, this is easy to way to safeguard yourself and others from spreading Corono virus.

3. Ask sick employees to stay home

  • Employers should encourage employees who are sick or may have been exposed to the virus to work from home, the latter for a period of 30days

4. Encourage employees to work remotely and have virtual meetings

  • “As this virus is transmitted in more communities, social distant is important”
    If you can do your work by distance call or video call, that is best solution to keep away without personally meeting person.

5. Communicate future plans to employees for this epidemic of Corono Virus

  • Companies should have good ways to communicate with all their workers, whether they’re on site or remote. Guide all workers for this situation and what action should be taken to counter part them for future.

6. Prepare for Factory/ Officer closures

  • If factory/ workplace needs to be temporarily closed and lock out situation, ensure employees understand and clear the job security and salary benefits.

7. Change Travel plans

  • Many employers have encouraged employees to suspend non essential business travel.

8. Reschedule or cancel to Events of Public gathering

  • All Public and event gatherings should be cancelled or reschedule to avoid large gathering. One should avoid the same to avoid virus to spread.

9. Train supervisors for Daily inspection.

  • Train and Ensure supervisor is prepared to inspect all workers daily basis before they enter the work area. Incase you find any suspect, he or she should be immediately  reported to local health department


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I got this idea to share with everybody that payment in last 2-3 years is really going bad.

Vendors and suppliers are Backbone and Strength  of any company and to give them timely payment is duty of every company to remain Fit in business with grow.


Everybody wants to give TIMELY Payment to their supplier/vendors, but due to burden/pressure with compulsory/emergent/needy vendors( govt electricity, Labour etc) , other suppliers / vendors payments get delayed.

The burden and pressure of other vendors to pay remains on hold and this leads to frustration in business and even vendors stop supplies after due date of bills.

This can lead to huge loss in business, even your factory production can be stopped causing factory to shut down with non-repairable loss in life. Once you are out of track, it is impossible to revive in this world of competition.

I got solution for this for everybody.

My suggestion is to give in parts/ installments every week/month in routine to atleast reduce burden of liability, whatever amount you can give easily.




Example like person whose due amount is say 500,000/- this month, wants to give all due amount, but cannot give as not have funds to give. Person hesitate to give even 100,000/- as he wants to give all amount.

Paying 100,000 every week , will atleast reduce his burden by 400,000/- in month and when he gets enough funds, he can further increase the installment amount so that his monthly liability comes closer to his target, otherwise liability of 500,000/- will be further increase every month.


Paying small amount / installment is only way to reduce your burden of payment to vendors.

You can keep a system to pay every week or every 10days or every 15days to pay to reduce this burden

By adopting this method, you can reduce your burden and pressure and stay healthy.



Ankur Gupta[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

11 Compelling Reason Why Companies Should Use Tshirt Marketing Strategy

T-shirts have never been out of style. They are proved helpful for newer business especially Logo t-shirts which have been named one of the hottest 2017 fashion trends by several fashion blogs and magazines. Nowadays it seems that it is not that uncommon to see many companies using custom t-shirts to promote various services or products of a respected brand. They are a surefire way to reach more people in a small amount of time for very little cash. Targeting new customers for your budding business is easy to achieve with shirts, as your customers will probably be wearing them around people with similar interests. They are a clever way to put your business out there for all to see. They do not cost much, and the return is worth the effort. To put it in a nutshell, with an affordable investment like t-shirts, your audience expands, and others quickly become aware of your brand.

Listed below are the 11 compelling reasons How Companies Should use Tshirt Marketing Strategy.



Thousands of new businesses are getting started with every passing year. As people have loaded with different options around, this is making a bit challenging for the different companies in the market to attract their concerned audience. So, to overcome this problem, almost every company and brand has made use of custom t-shirts to grab the attention of the audience, spreading a word about the company and making it familiar among the public. Just as the car companies put their logos on the car, the different competitor companies in the market prefer the use of a specified t-shirt to get themselves differentiated from others.


It has been seen in the recent past that using custom t-shirts has proved fruitful in enhancing bonding and dedication between the worker and his concerned company. It is found to be an effective means to provide workers a homely environment. It unites an internal team, helpful in enhancing commitment and dedication among employees to achieve company goals. In short, it is like creating a small community that favors your business.


Over the past few years, companies have started realizing the importance of creating a strong company culture among the employees it hires.  By deciding the same dress code for all the workers, the chances of discrimination and the sense of superiority complex can be reduced to a great level for everyone working on the same platform. In a good way, in an office where no dress code is imposed, there will always be a disparity between those who are a bit more formal and those who simply do not care how they look like. If everyone follows the same dress code, then no one will ever be under or overdressed. Uniforms enhance employee’s self-confidence and their credibility.


In this world of competition where you are surrounded by the competitors round the clock, it is no doubt difficult to establish the element of trust and loyalty among the users of a concerned company. And takes months even years to gain customer loyalty and trust. It has been proved from various researches that the companies who provide a friendly environment to the customers and providing them great experience have gained public trust more and earlier and customers do want to stick to them willingly.


Instead of simply uploading all the stuff of shop on websites or events, companies have started selling the t-shirts of their respected brand on discount price. This, on one hand, would help increase their publicity but on the other hand, would make new customers feel special and help in retaining the old customers with them. So, using a simple t-shirt, you can make a loyal brand ambassadors out of happy customers. This is great for establishing your name because it is likely that they will act as a spokesperson on behalf of your company.


As the employees need to work for long working hours, it would be difficult for them to wear a dress shirt and work for a whole long day. The employees would feel way more comfortable in the company designed and tagged t-shirts rather than wearing some different dress codes. The workers would work in their comfort zone this way and this would help eliminate chaos and better customer employer relationship. This creates a feeling of camaraderie among the members of a company. Giving your employees custom t-shirts help them look dedicated and professional. Moreover, t-shirts are the best casual uniform a company can offer to its employees. Whether you like them or not, a fixed dress code saves time. When you must wear the same dress every day, then there is no decision to be made about your outfit.


We come across many fashions conscious and brand-oriented people daily who are always ready to make style statements. That is why they prefer wearing custom t-shirts to show their sense of fashion. They can flaunt their fashion quotient by wearing t-shirts that set them apart from others.


If you are interested in advertising and boosting morale at the same time, consider custom design t-shirts for your employees and customers. They will appreciate the freebie and you will enjoy round the clock advertising. Well-designed custom t-shirts encourage employees and customers to wear them round the clock, anytime, anywhere, thus helping companies in building and promoting brand identity.


When compared to other means of promotion and advertisement that includes TV, billboards, pamphlets, custom t-shirts are one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a business because when someone wears your shirts, they become a living mobile billboard. Everyone that sees them sees your design actually and becomes aware of your business.


As brands are always preferred over local clothes due to their quality and stuff that lasts longer, it does help the brand too in gaining visibility for a longer period. Brands guarantee their costumers that shirts will keep their vibrant colors. As a result of this, the demand for t-shirts has been dramatically increased in the recent few years.


T-shirts, travel mugs, and pens are all three-dimensional items. In the digital age when giveaways tend to show up as email links and discount codes. Branded t shirts with your business logo and other physical promotional items you can feel and touch serve as a great reminder of your brand. As long as there is a physical interaction with your promotional item, the person looking at it will know about your business. A tactile, personalized item that’s also meaningful is way more interesting than a digital promotion or a thank you card.

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Custom T-Shirt Printing Online India

T-Shirt Printing Online India, your trusted partner Customized Printing T-Shirts since 2015. Made the process of ordering T-Shirts for any purpose a lot easier with an online designer tool. Custom T-Shirts Printing couldn’t be easier. You can choose from the 1000s of T-shirts Style available and create your own design with the clip art or by editing an existing design on the platform. 1000s of customers trusts for T-Shirts Printing in India. Print Quality:

You can rely on for T-Shirt Printing for all occasions. Be it a single T-Shirt to be printed for a birthday gift, we use world class Direct to Garment Printing to deliver retail quality T-Shirts or bulk T-Shirts for group or events, we use Cut Vinyl with high-quality Korean Media. Also get quality t-shirt logo Print and Cut decorations done from

World Class infrastructure: started T-Shirts Printing with automatic Cut Vinyl machines with design to delivery model. After gaining a handful of experience and trusted clients for t-shirts printing, added Direct to Garment printing for T-Shirts and various other garment styles. has the on of biggest capacity of Direct to Garment Printing in India. Also enabled with the garment unit where the T-Shirts are manufactured. is equipped with T-Shirt designing, Digital Printing, Sublimation, and Garment unit to serve for all kind of single piece to large quantity orders.
Premium Blanks:
A lot of attention goes into selecting blanks for printing. believes the end user is going to use the product and not the design. So the quality of the products will always be top notch. whether its the internally manufactured T-Shirts or outsourced sublimation blanks, we stick to quality control measures before processing for printing and before packing for dispatch.

Excellent Customer Support: earned the trust of customers over the years not only by its quality printing and products but majorly through its customer service and support whenever needed. Support is provided through email, Whats App, and Phone call. Our knowledgeable sales and order support team is ready to answer all your queries related to textile printing.

Need more than Custom T-Shirts Printing?

“Custom T-Shirts Printing” is our mastery , which we use very often to describe ourselves. We can print your idea, design or brand on any fabric or material. We ship more than 1000s of uniquely designed products to customers monthly . is fully equipped with custom printing on 100s of unique products.

Ease of Ordering Custom T-Shirts Printing Online:

For small quantity of 1-5 pieces of T-Shirts Printing, you can choose the T-Shirt style, T-Shirt color, T-Shirt size and proceed to T-Shirt designer tool to design and order online. The T-Shirt Printing process is supported by our T-shirt design team with professional designers to review your artwork and approve with any necessary corrections for high-quality output. You can also fill up the bulk order form for us to get back with the best quote for 50 plus quantity orders. You can choose from our clipart to do creative t-shirt design and express yourself better. Also, we provide 1000s of designs as templates for you to add your text or logo to personalize them on desired products. is one of the few companies to offer Front side, a back side, left sleeve and right sleeve printing even for single t-shirt printing online. You can choose various products from single designer tool to customize t-shirts with design templates and clip art. Designed T-shirts can be saved for future custom t-shirt orders, orders can be tracked online until delivery.

Clothing Range:

“T-Shirt” is a general term for Men Round Neck Half Sleeve Style T-Shirts. offers Men’s half sleeve t-shirt, Women’s half sleeve t-shirt, sublimation t-shirts, sublimation micro polyester polo t-shirts, Corporate Polo T-Shirts, hooded sweatshirts, and accessories like tote bags , Pillow Covers, etc.

T-shirt Designs:

Don’t gift someone cliche products. Design your own products and gift them with a personal touch. Express yourself creatively with T-shirt design tool. You can choose from existing designs to personalize and gift them. You can also order for your company by adding your brand logo to existing designs. Being a manufacturer to various national and international brands, positioned into a niche of quick and small orders. We have supplied to more than 5 countries from 50 pcs to 1,000 pcs per order. We have biggest DTG capacity in India with quality matching to screen printing. We do T Shirt printing and customized T Shirts to various corporate events, startup brands and consumers. Our technology driven fabric to finishing garmenting setup caters best to anyone looking for a short and quick production cycle with utmost quality concern. Our styles includes variety of T Shirts, Sweat Shirts for Men, Women and Kids. Our bulk plain T-Shirts with highest quality standard set a new benchmark in doing blanks in India, we have sold lakhs of blanks to print houses across the globe.Contact us with your requirement to discuss what best we can do for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Custom T-Shirts

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_images_carousel images=”94414,94415,94416,94417,94418,94419,94420,94421,94422,94423,94424,94425,94426,94427,94428,94429″ img_size=”1200×200″ onclick=”link_no” slides_per_view=”12″ autoplay=”yes” css_animation=”fadeIn” title=”Article Published In”][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]Why spend money on making custom t-shirts at all?

Couldn’t you spend that money on other things?

Well, yes, you could, but here’s


that will show you they’re value for money, and how you could earn back ten times the amount you spend.


1 – Marketing Why do car makers put their logo on the front and back of their vehicles? It’s free advertising, seen by hundreds of people every day. And most of those people are potential customers. Leaving the logo off would be missing out on all that visibility. If you’re not doing some kind of custom goods for your company, you’re missing out too. Every time someone wearing your t-shirt goes shopping, running or visits a convention, they’re marketing your brand. For free. We’ve crunched some numbers on this and we reckon the average shirt is seen 2555 times.custom t-shirts as marketing Custom t-shirts as effective marketing


2 – Team spirit Nothing ever truly great was done without the help of a team. Even solo athletes are nothing without their coach, sponsors or family. And it’s been proven that the best performing teams are the ones that are the most cohesive. How do you raise cohesion? Well, one way is through uniform.Studies have shown that uniforms can increase employees’ self-confidence and enhance their credibility, as well as increasing job satisfaction.Make a variation on your staff designs for different categories but keep the same general design or color scheme and you can create a real feeling of belonging.custom t-shirts for team building


3 – Customer loyalty Brand equity is a tough thing to generate, but if you’ve got it, don’t let it slip away. Use custom t-shirts to keep your brand in the mind of your best customers at all times. You’ve got an opportunity to get your brand in their house, so use it. Twitch made a limited run of hoodies that were previously only given to VIPs. Result? 2000 sales to 2000 satisfied brand ambassadors, bringing in both profit and loyalty.


4 – Rewards People love to win prizes. Here’s some great examples:
Credit safe took their employees on holiday to Spain. All 500 of them. Everyone received a free t-shirt and wore it for a group photo. Hot jar use t-shirts and hoodies to incentive’s users to fill in surveys.Give away a t-shirt as a reward for signing up to a course or event. Park run gives away a free running t-shirt for runners and volunteers once they reach certain milestones.
Each t-shirt only costs you a few Rupees, but you get much more back in return.


5 – Revenue Last but not least, you can make your staff wear custom t-shirts to make money. That could be physically or online. If you’re putting on an event, why not make your staff wear an exclusive t-shirt and advertise this up front. Imagine the impact it would make on your customers. Unity, discipline, professionalism. Your credibility will increase infinite times

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