5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Custom T-Shirts

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Why spend money on making custom t-shirts at all?

Couldn’t you spend that money on other things?

Well, yes, you could, but here’s


that will show you they’re value for money, and how you could earn back ten times the amount you spend.

1 – Marketing Why do car makers put their logo on the front and back of their vehicles? It’s free advertising, seen by hundreds of people every day. And most of those people are potential customers. Leaving the logo off would be missing out on all that visibility. If you’re not doing some kind of custom goods for your company, you’re missing out too. Every time someone wearing your t-shirt goes shopping, running or visits a convention, they’re marketing your brand. For free. We’ve crunched some numbers on this and we reckon the average shirt is seen 2555 times.custom t-shirts as marketing Custom t-shirts as effective marketing

2 – Team spirit Nothing ever truly great was done without the help of a team. Even solo athletes are nothing without their coach, sponsors or family. And it’s been proven that the best performing teams are the ones that are the most cohesive. How do you raise cohesion? Well, one way is through uniform.Studies have shown that uniforms can increase employees’ self-confidence and enhance their credibility, as well as increasing job satisfaction.Make a variation on your staff designs for different categories but keep the same general design or color scheme and you can create a real feeling of belonging.custom t-shirts for team building

3 – Customer loyalty Brand equity is a tough thing to generate, but if you’ve got it, don’t let it slip away. Use custom t-shirts to keep your brand in the mind of your best customers at all times. You’ve got an opportunity to get your brand in their house, so use it. Twitch made a limited run of hoodies that were previously only given to VIPs. Result? 2000 sales to 2000 satisfied brand ambassadors, bringing in both profit and loyalty.

4 – Rewards People love to win prizes. Here’s some great examples:
Credit safe took their employees on holiday to Spain. All 500 of them. Everyone received a free t-shirt and wore it for a group photo. Hot jar use t-shirts and hoodies to incentive’s users to fill in surveys.Give away a t-shirt as a reward for signing up to a course or event. Park run gives away a free running t-shirt for runners and volunteers once they reach certain milestones.
Each t-shirt only costs you a few Rupees, but you get much more back in return.

5 – Revenue Last but not least, you can make your staff wear custom t-shirts to make money. That could be physically or online. If you’re putting on an event, why not make your staff wear an exclusive t-shirt and advertise this up front. Imagine the impact it would make on your customers. Unity, discipline, professionalism. Your credibility will increase infinite times

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